About me

“Shining a light on Autism”

My name is Donna and i am mum to my son who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. Since then i have embraced his condition and educated myself through courses and workshops.

Now aged 12, fully verbal and obsessed with balloons, i set up this blog as a place where us parents of SEN children can unite, talk and share.

As the blog has progressed i have realised what my readers want is practical solutions to Sensory Processing Issues, so my focus is moving in that direction but still with my key message of “you are not in this alone”.

My son is a gift and this blog is dedicated to him and the wonderful boy he is. I love writing and i especially love writing about him and anything that helps him.

My first Children’s Picture Book is in the process of being published, which is very exciting! I will provide a publishing date on here in due course. I am currently working on another two picture books, so watch this space.

I also have a love of photography and I hope this blog provides a snapshot of happy memories to share with my boy.

I hope you enjoy following our adventures which we share with humour and kindness. Love Donna and the Boy who loves Balloons.

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