Literal thinking is a common trait in Autism. The other day my son was trying to tell me something. “Spit it out” I said, and he did just that. He spat on the ground. How could I be annoyed at that. He just did as I asked .

There have been lots of times when he has made me laugh out loud because he thinks so literally.

One day he asked me why do i go to work. To make money, I explained. “But I have money in my money box mummy, so you dont need to work” he replied.

His concept of time is interesting too. Quite often when he asks if we can do something, if i say , in a minute, he’ll get upset and say “No today!” And if I ask him to “give” me a minute , well that just opens a whole new can of worms.

His new response to everything i say is “Why not?”. This started a few weeks ago when he asked me for a chocolate biscuit. “Why not “ I exclaimed, to which he then had a meltdown about as he thought I was saying NO .

When I explained to him that “Why not” actually means “yes” he was delighted and now it his response to everything. Darling finish your peas, “Why not”. Darling clean your teeth please.”Why not “. Darling would you like some juice, “Why not “. As usual it makes me smile. I wish his response to darling it’s “bed time” was “Why not” as opposed to “Just go mummy , get your shoes and go , I’m not talking to you “. Bless 🎈🎈

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