Our life with Autism and my amazing boy.

My son “The boy who loves balloons ” is on the Autistic Spectrum.

He is an amazing and wonderful boy and my absolute world.This blog is dedicated to him. Maybe one day I can share it with him and he will love it.

At age 4 he was diagnosed. From that point i have embraced his diagnosis, educated myself in Autism and loved every minute I have spent with him.

This blog is where I hope to share our journey together. My mission is to make parents smile and laugh and bring a bit of humour to the subject of hidden disabilities. Most importantly I want parents to know they are not alone .

I hope to be able to give friendly advice to parents and carers in the same situation and share experiences. I believe that as parents of children with additional needs, it is important to not feel isolated. I also believe that children and adults on the spectrum are truly amazing and deserve praise, support and recognition.

I hope to add something to this blog as regularly as I can . Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share experiences.

Love Donna and the boy who loves balloons 🎈

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